Monday, March 26, 2007

Food and Wine Festival

In conjunction with FINA, There was a Food and Wine festival held in Federation Square. Mostly every week an event is held here to cater for the tourist in Melbourne.

Me and my sister decided to visit this event last sunday after service. We started off at the chocolate lane, Here they were giving out chocolates to people to taste and they were great.

Then we headed down to the yarra river where the festival was held and we went to this tent where they were selling Spanish croissants topped with chocolate, and to make it worse we ordered Spanish hot chocolate. That was the best chocolate i have had so far.

Then we went up to the square area and there was a life cooking demo.

After eating all the chocolates, like a child you will get this contented face.

Then to end our day, we went shopping and this was a very good sign and thought I would share it with all my faithful readers.

How big is Melbourne?

After getting to Melbourne, I recon it was a big city.

Yesterday my experience change this thought.


Let me tell you why.

I was on the Tram getting back after work and was so tired. So I sat down and was facing the front of the tram, As I was talking to my new friend Lisa from England an old lady got up the tram and said to her old husband " I will sit down when someone gets off the Tram" Me being a nice young man got up and offered her my seat.

Now I was standing and talking to my friend and was facing the side of the Tram, and Lol and behold I saw this girl seating at the last seat of the first coach.

She looked pretty femiliar, Then i thought to my self it is impossible.
Then I thought "Why not just call out her name and if she answers then it will be her"
So I called out "Lee Anne"

The girl looked up and look straight at me, then she got up and came towards me and gave me a hug. And yes she was my neibough back in Malaysia and she attended ISCA and we went to the same church. I was totally suppriesed to see her here in Melbourne.

Now tell me how much smaller can melbourne get?

So I have another friend here, Looks like we can start a little Metro here.

Let's see who will be in this Metro group

1. Shannon
2. Jessice
3. Lee Anne
4. Becky
5. Justin

I think thats all it takes to start a cell group.

I am still so suprised.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moomba Festival

Last weekend i was tied up at the moomba festival, also known as the waterfest.

This is held every year where labour day falls on the weekend. It was fantastic and packed
I made close to 500 coffee's a day, it was great.

I feel so tired now that it is over and wish to get some sleep. In Kl i can servive with 3 hours sleep and here I get 8 hours and it is still not enough. why why why????

Is is because the weather is so beautiful and cold? I always wonder why people overseas can sit in the hot sun and enjoy it, Now I know why. because you dont sweat and the wind is damm cold and you will look for the sun to warm up.

I have to go for class now so Bye for now.

Last Sunday

Last Sunday I mixed for service and usually if you are new anywhere someone will be by your side to make sure everything gioes well.

Well in this church They left me there and everyone dissapeard until after service, but by Gods grace everything when well and everyone loved my mixing.

Give God all the glory for the fine practice i had at Metro. Imagine mixing for 1700 members per service.

Last Last Sunday

Last last sunday pastor davis didi something that reminded me of Pas Ong. U know when we sing a hymm in service, then pastor will go up and sing it again at the end?

Pas david went up the stage and said "I am sorry but i come from a small baptist church, it will be nice if we can sing the hymm again" this reminded me of Pas ong and I felt so at home.

The Hymm was Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Walking horizontally

Some people find it hard to walk vertically, how about people who walk horizontally. You must be wondering how do people do it? here people don't take the stairs or escalators to go to the next floor in the mall, they just walk up the walls, or the just walk down the walls.

When i say walk means they literally walk and not climb.

Take a look and see this is a whole new shopping experience for anyone.

Do you think people are crazy, it would be faster to take the stairs.

but these 4 ppl did it and it looked sooooooooo cool i am sure they had lots of fun.

It was like floating in the air with a wall next to you.

Shopping here is cool

Do you know why I say this? This is why.

When you go to the supermarket, lets take giant for instance you will grab your stuff and proceed to a long line of people to head to the cashier.

Right? then after waiting in the long line you have to get this cashier that is the most unfriendly one in the world, they will have this sulky face on and maybe they are wearing tooo much make up or not wearing any at all.

Here in Big W they have created a system that you dont face any cashier when you are paying ant there in no Q.

You must be thinking I am joking. Take a look and see
Sorry the image is blur. I had to take a fast one, as it is not allowed.

So you touch the panel (Screen) then you scan your products. then you select your payment method. You can pay by atm card, credit card, debit card and the best of all CASH.

After scaning the product you cannot pay until you have placed the product into the provided plastic bags, cause when you but the product in it will give weight and register the number of products you are bagging.

Then after paying you can proceed to leave the store.

Cool eh, But sorry to those guys who plan to steal, if the product is not scanned then the beeper will beep and when the beeper beeps you can guess what will happen to you.

So think of cool shopping, you can have it here.

Durian Mmmmmmmmmmm

I was dreaming of durian on saturday and thinking how can i get durian into my system. So the closest i can get to durian wold be in an ice-cream.

So I went to this place in laigon street where gelato ice cream is sold and thay are the only once that have a durian flavoured one. but they definitely make the best fererro roche ice cream in the whole of australia. it is like eating tons of ferrero choc balls all crushed to form an ice cream.

So you an see my ice cream cone above it is a scoop of durian at the bottom and a scoop of fererro on the top. It was marvelous, it is a must try.

See how crowded the shop is and it is like this most of the day. The Ice ream is soo fresh cause they can sell up to 3 tubs in 1 day and the ice cream here are made fresh daily.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Church on Sunday with Becky

Last Sunday i went to church with becky, did i mention that she and jus is practically my neighbors. nways we were waiting at the tram stop and guess what we saw?
Can u see what is in the back seat of the car?

It is a huge dog, think it is like a pony, sooooo huge

Soooooooooo Busy

Sorry I have not posted anuthing for the past 10 days.

I was so packed up with church meetings and college assignments. but my wek has been alright and nothinf much has happened.

Check out my food blog for some recipe's i have been doing in my classes.
it is

My Workplace

On the weekends i work in a van that is located in the zoo or the Telstra dome.