Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Great Dissapointment

As we were flying towards brightness and leaving darkness behind us, I spotted a snowflake on my window and was very fascinated by this. As I grabbed into my pouch to pull out my camera I was devastated to find my LCD screen shattered, the only thing that cross my point at that point of time was " What the hell I am going for a holiday and can't take any pictures.

However I still took pictures using my camera and most of them were fantastic.

Arriving In Melbourne

After a 7 hour flight, we (me and my mum) arrived in Melbourne airport Australia. It was a warm night where hot air brushed on our faces, we were waiting for my sister to arrive as she was meeting us at the airport.

We were in Australia to attend her graduation after completing 4 years of studies at Melbourne Uni. Time has flown so fast and I can't believe I am back here after 2 years when I last visited here in fall 2004.

I was extremely tired after the long flight. I slept at 2am on the morning before flying and had to wake up at 5 am to give a wake up call to Daniel Ng as he was sending us to the airport. After leaving the house, when we were passing Safari Lagoon I realized that I have forgotten to pack my camera charger, so we made a U turn to head home again.

As we were checking in at the airport (KLIA) the lady asked us for our visa and we informed her that it was with the ticket we had handed her, to our surprise the idiotic agent did not prepare the visa that we had paid her for.

This is where I begin to LOVE MALAYSIA, thanks to our improvement in IT the Visa was processed over the phone when I called the Travel Agent, via the GDS system.

Due to all the screw ups i did not have breakfast at all and was dammmm hungry, thank god they served us Lunch at 11 and not 1 or I would have died of hunger