Monday, April 30, 2007

Rain in Melbourne brings back old memories

When i got caught in the rain yesterday, an old memory came into mind. During my secondary school years i use to take my shower in the morning at 5.30, and without a heater you can imagine how cold the water was. Here the rain is so damm cold like showering with Ice Water....

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I really love this song

My most favorite song for now is 'The Stand' but Hillsong United in the Album United we stand
I think this a very very good album. If you all do get a chance to hear it, please do it is totally awesome.

Friday, April 27, 2007

It Rained After So Long

This is taken from work. Isn't it beautiful?

Term is over

After 9 weeks of studying and 2 weeks of easter break, Today in my last day on term 1 and monday i will start term 2.

Today is also my last day od exams Yahoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is kitchen practical and i think i will fly through it.

My camera is back so there will be much better pictures on my blog.

Time had flown by so quickly and i just want to make a shout out to Hui Min and Daniel who just celebrated their birthday a few days ago.

Life here has been good so far and am really enjoying it. But I miss church and all that ministry, pastors and friends

But life has to go on........................................................

Here are some of my wonderful sandwiches i made for my last kitchen class.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Bunny

On easter sunday the gave us easter eggs and hot cross buns, and of cause a visit from the easter bunny.

Busy Busy Busy

Term 1 is almost over with just 2 weeks of school left, after 1 more week of holiday.
I am currently in my second week of easter break and time has just flown by so quickly

Before i continue, I would like to bid my faithful readers a Blessed Easter.

So my holiday began 2 saturdays a go and so many things happened.

The Sunday of my first week of holiday was spent making Char Koay Teow for the family where my cousins,uncle and aunt came over for lunch.

Then in the evening i went home with my sister and we stopped by K-mart to do some shopping.

On Monday I had to work at the zoo and on Tuesday had to head back to south Vermont after music practice for Easter Sunday.

On Wednesday i stayed home and baked a cake for my cousins birthday which we were celebrating on Thursday night.

So in conjunction with my cousins birthday I cooked dinner and it was a three course dinner
For starters we had Pumpkin soup, followed by a roasted leg of lamb and to complete the meal we had cake.

Then on Friday I followed my aunt, uncle and sister to City Life church for Good Friday Service.
and my cousin left that morning to go to Appolo Bay for the weekend with his friends

On Friday we spent some time with my aunt before sending her off to the airport, as she was leaving for bangkok followed by Malaysia and Singapore on Friday night.

Is my life exiting enough?

On Saturday, we had to leave my aunt's early as we had to head back to the city to meet Justin, Aunty Nancy and Becky for lunch as Aunty Nan was leaving on Saturday evening to head back home.
So we went for Yam Cha at Golden Dragon Palace.

Then on Saturday after lunch, I had to head to church as I was on duty for Easter service.

On Sunday morning I was on duty again and we had a beautiful string quartet for an easter presentation.

On Sunday afternoon we had to go over to my uncle's house for an easter Lunch, We had BBQ for lunch, then the uncle I am staying with took me and my sister for a movie and dinner.

And today Monday I slept like a pig and woke up at 5PM.

How great was my week and I thought I was on a holiday.