Friday, May 11, 2007

My Mates

Last thursday when we were having class, the fire alarm went off and we continued with our work ignoring the alarm. After like 30 min my lecturer says to the class " Ok everyone there is a real fire so please vacate the premises" Everyone was hesitant to leave as they were cooking half way. but after much oersuation we left our cooking and went outside.

Later we found out that the class room opposite of us had burnt something in the oven and cause the smoke the trigger the alarm. So since we were outside we took some photos with the truck behind us.

From Left : Stephanie , Sarah, Me, Arif, Pete
This is peter without his hat on, Bid right......... He is a real footy fan

This is Breaden my train friend, we travel on the same line so we go back home together after classes
This is the other stephanie, We also travel on the same train line, so we go back together

My New Car

Hi guys i just bought a new car, Have a look

Aunty Helen in Melbourne

A Familiar face greeted me last weekend, I had my leng lui Aunty Helen. Was so glad to see her.

Then we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch and i had to head off to work after that